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Just A Very Crazy Idea

It came to me, yes it's a crazy idea, but I want to see what posters think of the idea. What if the NBA did an annual draft? No not the NBA draft where you get rookies. A draft where everyone becomes available. Where each team gets in the draft order depending on how good they were the previous year, and then everyone picks to where there spot was earned. If that were to happen this year the Nets would have LeBron James, The Timberwolves would have Dwyane Wade, and so on.

This could help prevent heart ache, because you don't have to plan on having your players every year, you don't have to anticipate is he going or staying? You know they may be gone unless your team draft them again. The main thing is though that their could always be that sense of hope and excitement, Who will we get this year? It would cause more hype than free-agency ever could.

This helps cities that no one wants to join via free-agency too. For example my team (Utah Jazz) has a very tough time getting big names to join the team. The cities that no one wants to join can also get the excitement of getting a big player like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kevin Durant, etc.

The main problem I see with it is, you can never fully, and truely bond with your team. You would be to busy trying to keep up with your new team yearly. Although this may prevent heart ache, I can see in a way how it could be the same, or even provoke it even more. Trying to sign contracts and figuring out how much each player is paid could be a pain and would need to be well thought out, and even things as simple as buying new jerseys each year could become pricy for the fans.

The question is, does anyone think that an NBA "Draft" yearly is a good idea? Hey i'm not saying it's a great idea and should for sure happen. I just thought I should see what the sports world thinks of the "Crazy" idea...
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2010 NBA Boards Mock Draft, Join in!

On this thread I will be starting a 2010 NBA Mock Draft for posters on the NBA boards, You can pick you favorite team or any team you want a draft for them in which manner you think would fit the team best. So everyone join in and pick a team, the draft will be when I let you know, as soon as all spots are full. You may take 2 teams if you wish.

Even if you can't make the draft you can still pick a team and PM me the picks in which order you would like to select if available and I can post it up for you. I may also want a partner to help run this so if anyone is interested in helping run this you can PM me, and we'll see how things go from there.

Ok, here are the available teams, (Note: Some teams will not be in the draft because of trades.)

Hawks -

Wizards - jaysta125

Warriors - Hoopsking1107

76ers -

Nets - Iowa Hawkeyes

Timberwolves - Iowa Hawkeyes

Kings -

Magic -

Thunder - Scapegoats

Grizzlies -

Celtics -

Spurs -

Trailblazers -

Heat -

Bulls -

Jazz - jaysta125

Bucks -

Rockets -

Raptors -

Hornets -

Pacers -

Clippers -

Pistons -

Let's get this started! Start picking your teams and if you have any questions you can PM me, or post it on this thread. Good luck on your teams draft, and let's have some with this!

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Jaysta125's NBA Mock Draft 2010

Ok so here is my mock draft for the 2010 NBA draft with analysis through the top 10, if you disagree (which many of you will since we have our own looks on it.) Feel free to comment and say what you think would happen, feel free to comment anything you want, ok here is my mock draft.

1. Washington Wizards select, John Wall PG - This is the obvious move for the Wizards, Get's them a young Point Guard that will be in the NBA's elite in 3-5 years. If the Wizards don't pick wall they may be in trouble, by not having a replacement for the troubled Gilbert Arenas.

2. Philidelpia 76ers select, Evan Turner SG - Evan Turner was a top player in the nation last year, some argue that he was the best player in the nation, either way I think the 76ers take this solid, young rookie with the number 2 pick, although don't be surprised if they go with a big man either.

3. New Jersey Nets select, Derrick Favors, PF - The Nets will be looking for a young PF/C to go along with Brook Lopez, Favors or Cosuins may go to the Nets, I would say they most likely the Nets would take Favors.

4. Minnesota T'wolves select, DeMarcus Cousins, PF/C - Minnesota will get a big, strong, and athletic PF/C in DeMarcus Cousins, He willl have a very solid Rookie season on whoever he plays for, the only set back on Cousins is his off-court problems that may occur.

5. Sacremento Kings select, Wesley Johnson, SF - The Kings are shorthanded of a solid SF, Andres Nocioni who they acquired, and who started for most of the 2009-2010 season was not producing for the young Kings, Johnson would be a great fit for the young Kings.

6. Golden State Warriors select, Al-Farouq Aminu, SF - The Warriors are one of the smaller teams in the league, so maybe they could benefit more from getting a young bigman, but for the Warriors, it looks like Aminu will be the choice.

7. Detroit Pistons select, Cole Aldrich, C - Cole Aldrich is not very athletic, but he can play defense and is young which is something the Pistons really need, Cole Aldrich just seems like a perfect fit in Detroit.

8. Los Angeles Clippers select, Greg Monroe, C - The Clippers could use a young C, Monroe and Blake Griffin together would be a good young duo, Monroe looks like a good pick for the Clippers, but they could also take Ed Davis or Ekpe Udoh.

9. Utah Jazz select, Ed Davis, PF - The Jazz would happily take Greg Monroe if he falls to them to replace Carlos Boozer if he decides to leave, but if Monroe is no longer available Ed Davis should be a good pick for the Jazz, We'll see who is left for the Jazz at number 9.

10. Indiana Pacers select, Xavier Henry, SG - Indiana could definetly use a solid SG, Mike Dunleavy didn't play like himself in 2009-2010 and the Pacers don't have much to show for after that, Henry would fit in nicely with Indiana.

11. New Orleans Hornets select, Ekpe Udoh, PF

12. Memphis Grizzlies select, Patrick Patterson, PF

13. Toronto Raptors select, Donatas Montiejunas, PF

14. Houston Rockets select, Gordon Hayward, SF

15. Milwaukee Bucks select, Hassan Whiteside, C

16. Minnesota T'wolves select, Damion James, SF

17. Chicago Bulls select, Stanley Robinson, SF

18. Miami Heat select, Eric Bledsoe, PG

19. Boston Celtics select, Avery Bradley, SG

20. San Antonio Spurs select, Larry Sanders, SF

21. Oklahoma City Thunder select, Daniel Orton, PF

22. Portland Blazers select, Willie Warren, PG

23. Minnesota T'wolves select, James Anderson, SG

24. Atlanta Hwaks select, Dwayne Collins, PF

25. Memphis Grizzlies select, Solomo Alabi, C

26. Oklahoma City Thunder seect, Kevin Seraphin

27. New Jersey Nets select, Quincy Pondexter, SF

28. Memphis Grizzlies select, Lance Stephenson, SG

29. Orlando Magic select, Nemanja Bjelica, SF

30. Washington Wizards select, Jordan Crawford, SG

There is my 2010 NBA mock draft, I hope you enjoyed, please somment and tell me which things you think won't happen and what you think i'm right on. Feel free to comment on the whole thing, Thanks for reading and participating.

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Here are my NBA POWER RANKINGS as of 3/13/2010. LEAVE YOURS!

1. Cavs (51-15)

2. Lakers (48-18)

3. Mavericks (45-21)

4. Nuggets (44-21)

5. Magic (46-20)

6. Jazz (42-23)

7. Thunder (40-24)

8. Celtics (41-23)

9. Suns (40-26)

10. Hawks (41-23)

11.  Trail Blazers (40-28)

12. Spurs (38-25)

13. Grizzlies (35-31)

14. Bucks (35-29)

15. Raptors (32-31)

16. Rockets (32-31)

17. Bobcats (33-31)

18. Hornets (32-34)

19. Heat (34-32)

20. Bulls (31-34)

21. Clippers (25-41)

22. Knicks (22-43)

23. 76ers (23-42)

24. Kings (22-44)

25. Pistons (22-42)

26. Pacers (21-44)

27. Wizards (21-42)

28. Warriors (17-47)

29. Timberwolves (14-52)
30. Nets (7-58)


 Do you agree with my rankings? Leave tons of commments!

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