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Toughest Middle of The Order Duo

Which MLB team has the toughest middle of the order hitters? I thought i'd give you my analysis on my top 10 toughest middle of the order duo. Let the countdown begin!

10. Victor Martinez and Kevin Youkilis - It's not everyday you can have a catcher as your 3 or 4 batter. Hitting catchers are pretty tough to come by, and Victor Martinez cracks the top ten on list along with Kevin Youkilis. Kevin Youkilis and Victor Martinez have been dealing with many injuries this year, but when both are healthy they are for sure a top ten duo, they rank number ten on my list.

Kevin Youkilis:    .307 AVG. - 19 HR - 63 RBI - 4 SB - .412 OBP - .564 SLG.

Victor Martinez:   .281 AVG. - 10 HR - 40 RBI - 1 SB - .337 OBP - .461 SLG.

9. Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn - Adam Dunn is a monster power hitter having had 5+ seasons with 40+ homers during his career, it has not slowed this year either. Dunn usually doesn't have a great average to go along with his power, but this year he also has a respectable average. Zimmerman is a top young 3B in the MLB, giving this duo the ranking of number nine on the list.

Adam  Dunn:          .272 AVG. - 30 HR - 77 RBI - 0 SB - .359 OBP - .573 SLG.

Ryan Zimmerman:  .297 AVG. - 22 HR - 63 RBI - 2 SB - .387 OBP - .540 SLG.

8. Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena - Evan Longoria has been a prime 3B a top the MLB seemingly ever since he hit the MLB. Carlos Pena may not have an average you'd like to see everyday, but his solid power numbers can make up for it a little. Evan and Carlos have been a top duo for a couple years now, and they rank number eight on my list.

Evan Longoria - .288 AVG. - 15 HR - 72 RBI - 15 SB - .375 OBP - .485 SLG.

Carlos Pena -    .212 AVG. - 23 HR - 68 RBI - 5 SB - .332 OBP - .441 SLG.

7. Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez - Miguel Cabrera has come out as a very respectable AL MVP canadite this year, MIGGY (The name given to him by fans) had monster numbers before the All-Star break, numbers most players wish they could have at the end of a season. Before Magglio went down with an injury this was one the most feared duos in the MLB, so therefore they rank number seven on my list.

Miguel Cabrera -    .338 AVG. - 26 HR - 93 RBI - 2 SB - .426 OBP - .627 SLG.

Magglio Ordonez - .303 AVG. - 12 HR - 59 RBI - 1 SB - .378 OBP - .474 SLG.

6. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley - I know, I know. Chase Utley has been hurt seemingly all season, but when he was healthy he and Ryan Howard have been a deadly combo, and a nightmare for the opposing pitcher. Chase Utley also has a chance to return soon, that would be a big life for the Phillies. This duo ranks number six on my list.

Ryan Howard -    .292 AVG. - 23 HR - 81 RBI - 1 SB - .356 OBP - .528 SLG.

Chase Utley -     .277 AVG. - 11 HR - 37 RBI - 5 SB - .383 OBP - .466 SLG.

5. Prince Fielder and Ryan J. Braun - This combo could have ranked number one for years before this year, but with recent struggles between the two they're ranked number five on my list. This threat is still just as intimidating as any other duo in the MLB too though.

Prince Fielder - .270 AVG. - 24 HR - 58 RBI - 1 SB - .402 OBP - .489 SLG.

Ryan J Braun - .290 AVG. - 16 HR - 68 RBI - 15 SB - .344 OBP - .464 SLG.

4. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira- With all of the talk about Arod's 600th homerun and all of the people that weren't actually very excited about it (Me included) Arod and Tex still make one heck of a duo. Tex's average is pretty low this year, but Arod and Tex still make up one of the most well known duos in the MLB, ranking number four on my list.

Alex Rodriguez -   .264 AVG. - 18 HR - 89 RBI - 3 SB - .337 OBP - .474 SLG.

Mark Teixeira -     .259 AVG. - 26 HR - 85 RBI - 0 SB - .367 OBP - .501 SLG.

3. Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday - The Machine aka Albert Pujols and Matt Holiday make a dynamic duo. With both crushing over 20 HR's this year, they have carried the Cardinals on offense to stick with the Reds in their division. The Cardinal duo ranks third on my list.

Albert Pujols -    .313 AVG. - 28 HR - 84 RBI - 11 SB - .408 OBP - .578 SLG.

Matt Holliday -   .306 AVG. - 21 HR - 71 RBI - 7 SB - .380 OBP - .534 SLG.

2. Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki - This is a new duo to the MLB this year, Carlos Gonzalez has had a monster first full season and Troy Tulowitzki after returning form his wrist injury has been the found cog to bat behing Carlos Gonzalez. This dynamic duo can do it all, whether it's steal a base, hit a homerun, or even on the defensive stand. If you're looking for those components this is your duo. The Rockies duo ranks number two on the list.

Carlos Gonzalez -   .326 AVG - 25 HR - 77 RBI - 18 SB - .354 OBP - .578 SLG.

Troy Tulowitzki -       .317 AVG. - 10 HR - 46 RBI - 8 SB - .379 OBP - .505 SLG.

1. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau - When both are healthy this is the most dangerous duo in the MLB. Mauer may be one of the few great betting catchers in the MLB, and to go alone with Justin Morneau that is a scary combo. Mauer's power numbers may be down this year, but the average is still definitly still there. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau rnaks number one on the list.

Joe Mauer -         .325 AVG. - 7 HR - 62 RBI - 1 SB - .397 OBP - .485 SLG.

Justin Morneau -  .345 AVG. - 18 HR - 56 RBI - 0 SB - .437 OBP - .618 SLG.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my list, and any comments and feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks again!


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NFL Free-Agency 2010 so far.

So far here are the signings and what teams they sign with (Includes Trades). Also includes a grade for the signing on whether it was a good signing or a bad idea. Here are the deals and grades,

Julius Peppers - Signs a 6 year 91 million dollar deal witht he Bears. Grade: B - Great move by the Bears making a splash early in free-agency. Wasting no time they picked up the solid pass-rusher Peppers. And sign him to a 6 year deal. He is in his 30's and won't be the same in 4-5 years. If the Bears would haev signed him when he was age 25 or so, i would easily give this an A.

Antrel Rolle - Signs a 5 year 37 million dollar deal with the Giants. Grade: B - The Giants could use an other safety with Kenny Phillips there main safety battling injuries the last couple years. Rolle will be a solid addition for the Giants.

Karlos Dansby - Signs a 5 year 43 million dollar deal with the Dolphins. Grade: A - The Dolphins will enjoy the luxury of having Dansby at line-backer. Dansby is a top 15 line-backer and the Dolphins made a great move by picking him up via Free-Agency.

Anquan Boldin - Traded to the Ravens and signs a 3 year 25 millon dollar extention with the Ravens. Grade: A.  The Ravens made a great deal by aquiring Boldin from the Cardinals, GIving the young Joe Flacco a solid reciever to throw to. A luxery he hasn't really had.

Vince Wilfork - Resigns with Patriots for a 5 year 40 million dollar deal. Grade B - Wilfork has been a key in the success of the Patriots and the Patriots made a good choice by resigning there huge Nose Tackle. (This deal makes Wilfork the highest paid nose tackle)

Kyle Vanden Bosch - Signs a 4 year 26 million dollar deal with the Lions. Grade: A - The Lions neeed some veteren leadership on there team and need Vanden Bosch as an example tot here younger players. Great choice by the Lions.

Sources - Brandon Marshall is said to be meeting with the Seahawks soon. They will have to offer him a huge contract to get him away from the Broncos though. Stay tuned!

These are some of the Major signings so far this year. Feel free to leave your opinions for Grades, impact you think they'll have on there new team, or whatever you want. Thanks for reading and please feel free to keep coming back to my blog! Thank you!
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