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Posted on: July 18, 2010 11:25 am
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NBA Pre-Season: Division Predictions

Here is a record prediction as well as some insight for every NBA team. ** Note wins and losses may not add up to what the true amount of NBA games will be, these are just predictions. Enjoy!


Northwest Division

1. Utah Jazz (55-27) The Jazz have had some tough departures this off-season. Starting Power Forward now a Chicago Bulls, as well as three point specialist Kyle Korver, and former Jazzman Ronnie Brewer also becoming a member of the Bulls. The Jazz have not sat back and cried about it though, They've went out and got Big Al Jefferson, and former Jazzman Raja Bell to come back. The Jazz will have a solid season with these players filling in.

2. Thunder (54-28) The Thunder are young and very talented, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been the cream of the crop for the Thunder and they'll continue to grow into even bigger studs. Kevin and Russell have a lot in store for them, this season well into the future. The Thunder could certainly be the best team in the NBA in 4-5 years.

3. Nuggets (51-31) With the addition of Al Harrington this free agency period it will help there chances. Nene and Chris Andersen (Bird-Man) both have nagging knee injuries that have been nagging them and may hold them out of the start of the season. If this indeed happens don't be surprised to see less wins.

4. Trailblazers (49-33) The Blazers are a solid team, and now have a solid back-up SG and maybe a starting SF in Wesley Matthews. Everyone besides Blazers fans says they paid to much, and I agree. He is an undrafted rookie free agent and he's making $9.1 million dollars his second year? Huge risk in my opinion, but the Blazers should be a solid team this year.

5. T'Wolves (11-71) The T'Wolves lost there best player this offseason in Al Jefferson, and look to be in a complete rebuliding mode. The T'Wolves are hoping they can use those draft picks they got in the trade as well as have Ricky Rubio come from overseas to play well in the future. This being said, the T'Wolves will struggle this year

Pacific Division

1. Lakers (58-24) Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol will combine for another good season together, Kobe will be Kobe, and Gasol will continue to be the great PF/C he is. There isn't much more to say about the Lakers, we all know they are 2009 and 2010 NBA finals champions, and that almost says it all.

2. Suns (42-40) The Suns and Steve Nash have lost arguably there best offensive weapon and definetly the teams best bigman. When Amar'e Stoudemire signed with the Knicks for 5 years around $99.7 million dollars and the Suns signed Hakim Warrick to replace him, well that dosn't really add up. So in my opinion the Suns will slide down hill a little this year. Shouldn't be to bad of a team though.

3. Warriors (39-43) With the aquisition of David Lee (A player capable of 20-10 any night) This will help them out a bunch. I don't think it makes them instant playoff contenders or anything like that, but they will have a better year for sure. I bet they'll have 10-15 more wins then they did last season.

4. Kings (34-48) Tyreke Evans will continue to blossom and DeMarcus Cousins will come up big for them in the 2010-11 NBA season. If Jason Thompson can play good down low along with Cousins the Kings should be a team to watch out for. Also, don't forget Samuel Dalembert, He is long, and can blcok shots as well as rebound.

5. Clippers (30-52) Baron Davis is a solid player, and Chris Kaman was good for them last year, but many people expected them to make some kind of splash in free agency, and well that didn't happen. The Clippers are trying to work out a deal to get Tracy McGrady, which isn't a huge addition given Tracy's age and how injury prone he is, but it would help a bit.

Southwest Division

1. Mavericks (53-29) Dirk Nowitzki resigned with the Maverikcs and they also traded for Tyson Chandler, a long center that has the ability to rebound and block shots very well. Chandler will take Erik Dampiers spot, Dampier was included in the deal. Watch out for teh Mavericks, they will be a dangerous team in 2010-11.

2. Rockets (48-34) Luis Scola resigned with the Rockets recently and the Rockets also signed center Brad Miller to a 3 year deal worth around $15 million dollars. The Rockets will have a better season then last year and will actually have a shot at making the playoffs this year. Yao Ming should be able to start the season, and if he can stay healthy watch out for the Rockets.

3. Spurs (45-37) The Spurs are getting older, Tony Parker seemingly is getting hurt more and more every year, and this may be the last year that Tim Duncan has a shot at the playoffs. The Spurs just don't seem as intimidating as they once were, and I think they have a chance at the playoffs, but unfortunately I don't think they will make it.

4. Hornets (43-39) If Chris Paul can stay healthy the Hornets will have a better year for sure, as having your team superstar usually does. I still don't see the Hornets as playoff contenders, but there are rumors that the Hornets may try and trade one of there point guards (Chris Paul, Darren Collision) for a big. That is something to watch for.

5. Grizzlies (38-44) The Grizzlies were solid to start the year last year, but seemed to slide towards the end of the year. They have god young talent in Rudy Gay, Mike Conley, and O.J. Mayo, but I don't expect the Grizzlies to make the playoffs in the tough western conference.


Atlantic Division

1. Celtics (49-33) I think this will be the final go around for the "Big 3" This will be there final chance to bring home one more championship to Boston before they are done. The Celtics may be getting older, but they are still dangerous. Nate Robinson and Paul Pierce resigned this offseason, they also brought in Jermaine O'Neal.

2. Knicks (40-42) The Knicks have brought in Raymond Felton and Amar'e Stoudemire which will raise their chances of becoming a playoff team in a weaker eastern conference. It may still be tough for them to make the playoffs, but in the eastern conference anyone has a chance.

3. 76ers (32-50) Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams lead the way for the 76ers. Evan Turner will also give them a shot to be a better team, but with the loss of their main rebounder/shot blocker that leaves them pretty vulnerable on the inside. In my opinion I don't think they make the playoffs this year either.

4. Nets (25-57) Derrick Favors gives them a solid rookie bigman to put next to the young star center Brook Lopez. Devin Harris should rebound and have a better season, and Brook Lopez will still be himself. This makes it so the Nets don't have to worry about breaking the record for lowest amount of wins in a single season, as they were worried about last year. Still no playoffs.

5. Raptors (14-68) With the loss of both Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Bosh you can't expect anything from the Raptors this season. This will be a tough year for the Raptors, and their fans. Hang in there Raptors fans, hopefully your team starts rebuilding soon and gets at least a little better sooner rather than later.

Central Division

1. Bucks (50-32) The Bucks have got some nice pieces during free-agency this year, while trading for Corey Maggette and signing Drew Gooden. The Bucks also had a nice surprise when John Salmons resigned. This may be your year Bucks fans, you have a chance to make it deep into the playoffs, and might have been able to make the finals if it wasn't for the new "Big 3"

2. Bulls (49-33) The Chicago Jazz, I mean Bulls have made a lot of moves this off-season, the main moves include former Jazzmen Kyle Korver, Carlos Boozer, and Ronnie Brewer. The Bulls have a solid chance of winning the east this year and should do so. In my opinon the can get past the new "Big 3"

3. Cavs (44-38) The loss of LeBron James will hurt them big time, 44 wins might be on the generous side as there is no need to cause anymore pain to the Cavs and their fans. The Cavs don't have much after LeBron, they have some good players, but they all fed off him in my opinion. Good luck Cavs fans.

4. Pacers (36-46) Rookie Lance Stephensen has looked good for the Pacers in the summer league. Paul George should also be a nice addition this year for the Pacers, look for the Pacers to get more wins then they did last year,  even if it's only 4-8 more wins.

5. Pistons (31-51) The Pistons look to have a good team on paper, but Ben Gordon and Charlie Villenueva had poor seasons in 2009-10 after signing big free agent contracts, Pistons fans better hope they didn't blow their money, and hope that Gordon and Charlie can turn things around.

Southeast Division

1. Heat (60-22) With LeBron James and Chris Bosh coming to South Beach to join Dwyane Wade a dynaasty could be forming right before out very eyes. The main thing will be if they can get their chemistry down and play well together, I think that they are smart enough players to figure it out. Interesting fact, The Heat averages 89 possesions last year, The "Big 3" combined had 80 a game. Something to consider.

2. Magic (57-25) Dwight Howard had many disappointing games last season on offense, on defense he played well earning another Defensive Player of the year award. The Magic will be big contenders from the east this season, hopefully the live up to the expectations set by the fans.

3. Hawks (50-32) The Hawks resigned Joe Johnson to a max deal, keeping him in Atlanta. The team is almost identical to last years. So look for similiar results to last year. Hawks fans are just hoping they odn't get blown out by the Magic again by an average of over 25 points a game.

4. Bobcats (41-41) With the trade of Tyson Chandler the Bobcats don't have much of an inside presence, leaving most of the work to be done by Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace. Look for a decent season, just don't get your hope up to high. Remember, they lost Raymond Felton too.

5. Wizards (33-49) If Gilbert Arenas can come play next to John Wall you may be looking at a dangerous team, with the emergence of Andray Blatche, the pick of John Wall, and if Gilbert Arenas can get his act together watch out for the Wizards. Although don't expect them to do too much damage.

Those are my 2010-11 NBA preseason predictions, I hope you enjoyed them and leave your feeback of what you think is right and/or wrong. Thanks for reading!

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Upgrade or Downgrade?

The Utah Jazz have made tons of moves this offseason, this all comes after the free-agency period started and it seemed like the Jazz weren't going to do anything, and seemingly just got worse this offseason without doing anything about it. Boy us Jazz fans were wrong, they were hiding in their office's working their hind ends off trying to make us better and get suitable replacements for cheaper. The question is did the Jazz upgrade or downgrade or even maintain their team ratings. Here's some looks from different persectives.

Efficiency Ratings

Carlos Boozer 25.2    vs.     Al Jefferson 19.9

Kyle Korver 8            vs.     Raja Bell 12.5

Finals: 33.2              vs.      Finals: 32.4

Effeciency ratings: Downgrade


Carlos Boozer: GP: 78 PPG: 19.5 RPG: 11.5 APG: 3.2 MPG: 34.3 FG%: 56.2%


Al Jefferson: GP: 76 PPG: 17.1 RPG: 9.2 APG: 1.8 MPG: 32.4 FG%: 49.8%

Kyle Korver: GP: 52 PPG: 7.2 RPG: 2.1 APG: 1.7 MPG: 18.3 FG%: 49.3%


Raja Bell: GP: 6 PPG: 11.5 RPG: 3.1 APG: 2.5 MPG: 27.2 FG%: 55.1%

Stats: Slight Downgrade.

The efficiency ratings and stats point to a downgrade. As a Jazz fan I don't feel as if we have downgraded though. We've lost key players and done something about it. The regular season will be the key to seal the deal for us if we hit a major downgrade, or if the stats lied to us or if we actually do better.

** Things to note.

Al Jefferson averaged 23.1 PPG and 11 RPG in 50 games in 2009 before going down with a knee injury.

Raja Bell actually has a higher 3P% in his career than Kyle Korver does.

Bell has much better defense than Kyle Korver.

So all signs may point to a downgrade (or most of them) but I think the Jazz are in good shape and i'm stoked for the 2010-2011 NBA season as are all other NBa fans out there.

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